Remember when you were a kid and all it took to burst with excitement is to see the first firefly light up the night sky?

I believe that lighting up like that happens spontaneously when let ourselves be who we are. It doesn't matter if that moment is happy or sad, there is awesome beauty and meaning in what's real. 

Unfortunately, life happens. And most of us lose sight of of our light and our truth along the way. But it can be regained.

The Light Bearers mission is to illuminate the world one person at a time.

Our path is to know yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and share yourself. 

The seeds of Light Bearers actually started for me way before I knew it began. 

I had an amazing childhood. We had the Kool-Aid house. My childhood was a blur of running barefooted in the grass, riding bikes, swimming, playing dodge ball, and climbing trees. It was a cocoon of safety and exploration that I took with me wherever I went afterward.

At work, I was the one who organized outings with my co-workers. (I didn't realize it then, but it was so I could have that sense of family with me wherever I went).

My house has always been the place where strangers could come for Thanksgiving. (I didn't want anyone to be without food, company, or warmth on the holiday). It's been the gathering place for my whole family.

As a performer, my goal was never about "Ooh, look at me! I'm so cute" but about transporting my guests back to their homeland for the night so they could light up. (I was a folk dancer).

As a dance teacher, it was so much fun to see my students reach milestones and hit new heights.

As a therapist, my office is the only place that some people ever really feel safe. It's the place they come alive.

It took me a while to figure out that my work as a spiritual tour facilitator wasn't just about sharing the incredibly beautiful and transformative landscapes, but also about creating opportunities for people to connect deeply to themselves, each other, and the universe.

All these experiences have helped me develop 3 things that I'm really good at:

  • removing the barriers that get in the way of shining
  • teaching people the skills that facilitate shining
  • creating the environment where shining is most likely

There is something so incredible about being with someone who is lit up in all their amazing truth. It's beyond beautiful. I want everyone to experience that. I love being able to witness it. If this is something you desire, let's do it! Here's how:

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