What Does the Light Look Like?

June 22, 2022

What does being in the light look like? Would you know it if you saw it in someone else? What about yourself? In this episode, Laura Giles shares the view from where she's standing to make sure we're talking about the same t…

Taking Care of the Little Things

June 15, 2022

We often have big plans and judge our happiness and success upon whether or not we achieve them. Most of life is made of little things. Little things are the glue that hold the big things together. They create the scaffoldin…

Spirituality Self Help Awakening

Challenge Your Stories

June 8, 2022

Everybody is telling a story about who they are that is fragmented, distorted, and just not true. We don't see the world and ourselves as it is. We see it as it was when we were in a place of woundedness. So we act from a pl…

Stop Sleep Walking Through Life!

June 8, 2022

My past life regression work has shown me that most of us sleep walk through life. It's a total waste of your gifts. In this episode, we explore: What does it look like to tune in? Why do we tune out? What's the cost of tuni…

What's a Light Bearer?

June 8, 2022

Who we are and what we do